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Our team is qualified to develop, implement, and manage your safety program. If you currently have a plan in place, we can determine the necessary changes, and revise or replace as needed. We can perform internal and external audits without consuming your resources. Our clients are composed of construction, municipal and service-based businesses.

Our external services include C.O.R. Auditing as well as any training we are unable to provide using our own staff. With SafetyGroup.ca LTD, your staff’s training and field ticket certification are well managed, maintained and documented.

What does this all mean for you and your team? It means you won’t have to bring someone aboard full time to manage your safety programs. Your company receives complete guidance in achieving and maintaining the C.O.R. certification at a lower cost than an internalized process. Our team governs scheduling, coordinates training for staff and maintains records. Having an effective safety program in place can improve your company’s reputation in its industry.

At SafetyGroup.ca LTD, we create and execute strategies to achieve the necessary certifications and improve safety processes. We are committed to supporting your team, enabling sustainable growth and maturity while strengthening brand reputation and industry status.

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