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Fully managed safety solutions

for your business

What is included in the

fully managed safety program?

  1. Your staff’s training and field ticket certification are managed, maintained and documented by us.

  2. We facilitate and schedule all required training for employees to ensure compliance at all times. 

  3. We work with your crews to coach and educate them on safe work practices. This includes toolbox meetings and identifying ways to enhance procedures to keep your people productive and uninjured.

  4. Regular inspections of your harnesses and other safety equipment pieces, replacing them as needed.

  5. Our external services include C.O.R. Auditing and any training we are unable to provide using our own staff.

What does this all mean for you and your team? It means you won’t have to bring someone aboard full time to manage your safety programs. Your company receives complete guidance in achieving and maintaining the C.O.R. certification at a lower cost than an internalized process.

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Safety Group.CA is qualified to develop, implement, and fully manage your safety program.


If you currently have a safety plan and desire to improve efficiency or decrease your costs, we can determine the necessary changes and revise or replace them as needed.

​When would a Fully Managed Safety Program be right for my growing company?

Any company can benefit from our fully managed safety program as it provides you with a headache-free option. The number of projects and employees you have will determine the cost of your program. 


The best thing to do is make your program financially efficient right out of the gate and plan to increase it as you increase your company's size or scope of operations. Working with us offers you an Occupational Health and Safety compliant program with no hidden fees or additional costs for less than a full-time employee.


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