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SafetyGroup.ca LTD is a construction safety consulting company established in 2006. Our specialty is the adaptation of Government safety requirements into a comprehensive safety program for your company. We are equipped to train and advise your staff while managing all of your team’s safety needs, whether a complete overhaul or a ground-up creation of a safety system is required.

Our team has expertise in managing occupational health and safety incidents, claims, and site safety requirements. We bring an intimate understanding of the needs and standards that must be met to work on larger construction projects and the small ones. We offer a fully managed Occupational Health and Safety compliant option for less than a full-time employee.

We establish your Company's C.O.R. (Certificate of Recognition) and build a comprehensive program to enhance your value to potential clients while ensuring that you keep within the guidelines as suggested by the Alberta Government. The Alberta Government has put several incentives in place to encourage Alberta Businesses to adhere to these guidelines.

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